Hush-a-bye Baby is a leading provider of personalized services for busy families in locating the right nanny for your home. The safety and security of having someone you can trust in your home with your children is invaluable. Each nanny is interviewed and screened, with references provided, to perfectly match the specific needs of your family.

The specific services we offer are:
- Permanent full-time nannies;
- Permanent part-time nannies;
- Night-nanny/sleep-trainers;
- Sleep-trainers;
- Sleep-training consulting.

You deserve a good night's sleep. Many years of childcare experience have proven to me that well-rested parents can do more for their children's well-being than tired parents. Although tired parents do a good job of "getting through the day," they tend to be too tired to do much else. This is where I can help! I started this business for babies and parents. When parents get a good night's sleep, they wake up feeling rested and ready to start their day with their children. I've seen over time that babies respond to a well-rested, happy parent in a very positive and reassured way. The babies are more relaxed because YOU are more relaxed--making feedings and playtime much more enjoyable, and making naptimes easier to accomplish.

I want you to know that I am here to assist you through these next few months. I understand that is is an exciting time for you and your babies, yet it is also an exhausting time. I will be pleased to do anything I can to help you. I promise that once you and your babies are sleeping through the night that it is a whole new world for you and your family.